Review: Good Reading Guide, edited by Nick Rennison

good-reading-guideHave you ever eyed the classics, modern classics and bestseller shelves at your local bookshop with a feeling of dread and foreboding? Have you ever wanted to experiment with a new author, a fresh genre, but the task of digging out something new seemed just too great? Well, fear no more!

With this comprehensive guide by Bloomsbury you can browse in the comfort of your armchair, read about authors, their major works, as well as diverse popular themes, for example; Dark Old Houses, Money, Spies and Double Agents, and Unlooked-for Friendship. The book focuses on fiction as well as biographies and memoirs. At the end of each reference is a handy cross-reference to other authors or related themes one might enjoy. The reviews are both incisive and intriguing, and the guide is frequently updated with new editions.

I can guarantee that, before long, you’ll be flicking through the book, hunting down authors, book titles, and themes like an expert bookseller, jotting down notes for your next shopping expedition. – Bloomsbury


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