Review: The Catcher in the Rye, J. D. Salinger

catcher-in-the-rye From the first sentence of this all time classic, one is drawn into the bleak and pensive world of Holden, a teenager who just found out he has been expelled from yet another expensive school his New York parents have sent him to. The story traces his every step and every thought over the next few days as the time to tell his parents about the expulsion draws ever nearer. But this is not Holden’s main concern. He is deeply dissatisfied with everything and everyone around him. Masterfully, Salinger gradually peels away the layers of emotions troubling Holden to reveal his essential problem with the world, the loss of a sibling and the disappointment he feels his parents must harbour for him.

The story is slow-paced and complex, yet the author grabs hold of your attention with his uncanny understanding of troubled adolescence. His unique style and the book’s excellent narrative are what make it unique and definitely a book to read over and savour. – Penguin Books


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